How To Choose The Right Air Conditioning Service Company ?

Have you had the bad experience of engaging a air conditioning service company where they overcharge you? Even after paying, your aircon still breaks down after 1-2 weeks of usage? Well, you are not alone! With so many choices to choose from, we understand the difficulties customers face when trying to hire the right aircon servicing singapore company.

Air Conditioning Service Company Check List

With some knowledge and detailed searching, below will be some of the things you might want to look into when you next hire your air conditioning service company.

Get A Referral From A Trusted Source

The best air conditioning service companies are often those that are being recommended and referred by either friends or family. These are people whom have used them, proved their worthiness and gain praises.

It is quite rarely that you might still get a negative experience which is the reason we often advise, further do a detailed check online of the air conditioning service company.

With internet being easily accessible and multiple platforms online for users to leave a review, it doesn’t hurt to go onto google to do a simple search on the company.

Search For Google / Online Reviews

With Google business listing available to all companies, a simple search on the name of the air conditioning service company, details such as telephone number, address, website and reviews will all appear.

For a trade such as air conditioning service, reviews will be left by users whom have previously engage them. By browsing through the reviews and experiences of past users, you can be more certain of your choice

Singapore Registered Business

We do occasionally get feed backs from customers that some air conditioning company will request for partial payment to purchase equipment especially for new installation of air conditioning.

Air Conditioning price can be costly and to handover your money to an unknown stranger, might raise the risk that the air conditioning company might not fulfill their end of the order.

To avoid complication and unnecessary worries, consumers can head over to ACRA to check on the status of the company. Make sure that it is a registered business and proper invoices are made with the right amount stated within should the need arise to submit your documents to the authorities


By following the above check list, you as a consumer can lower the risk of engaging a poor service aircon company. Our advise is to always do proper research and understand the air conditioning service company before committing to an agree that you might regret