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There is no such thing as a bug free software. Recognising this fact, eBiz has an efficient and effective structure that assists our clients in getting back to their daily operations. As our softwares are web based, we can solve bugs remotely, saving travelling time and costs that are billable to our clients.

Identify the issue that is causing the bug.
Print Screen the error that you are getting. Name the steps that you took before you hit the error. Email the link, print screen, and steps to our support help desk.
Analyse the issues that caused the bug.
After we receive your request for assistance, our support staff would be doing primary analysing to see if it can be solved quickly. If the issue is complex, the error would be raised to senior programs to analyse and a time frame would be provided to client.
Solve the issues that caused the bug.
Support staff, programmers and your account manager would be working together to solve the issues that caused the bug within the stipulated time to minimise disruption to your operations. Bug is fixed and you will be informed to test.